Do you know that there is a open source Mapbox alternative for Android and iOS? It’s called MapLibre. And even there are navigation projects for Android and iOS.

In my current customer project I build a navigation app with the Mapbox framework. On our research we have found a good alternative for anyone who loves open source and don’t want to pay for this things.

Don’t understanding me wrong. I know that software is expensive. And I also know that businesses should pay for good work. But for me as an independent developer this is often a problem. I don’t have money for use services like Mapbox when I building a new app that not generating first.

Back to MapLibre: The team forked the Mapbox code from a version that was still available under an open license. A few weeks ago MapLibre Navigation for Android get upgraded to version 2.0. iOS is also available on a version 1.x. May be there is a version 2.0 coming soon.

I checked out the project and tested the example project and some use cases for my customer. The navigation repositories are very new projects and don’t have a big community yet. With 41 and 10 stars you will see this by your self. But it’s a working project that I would recommending this everyone who needs a navigation framework! I think it is the best time to enter and support MapLibre on this place. It is open source, so you can create pull requests and fix bugs or missing features by your self. This will push this cool project up and you will do something good.

I found a bug myself and will fix it as a pull request in next days. A proof link will follow for anyone don’t trust me :cop:

I would be very happy if the community and the usages of these two projects grows. We will see!