We did it! After submitting the app to Apple for a second time, it was finally accepted. We still have some minor adjustments to make. The listing of matches has been redesigned and looks much tidier now.

We have also adjusted some things in the backend, so that only titles appear that also have a trailer. In addition, series from Netflix have now been mixed in with the movies. So everyone should find something suitable for his perfect streaming evening.

In addition, the website has been updated with the latest designs and the app stores have been linked. Speaking of app stores, a lot of brainpower has also been put into this, in order to be found well in the search. As soon as we have ๐ŸŽฒ numbers, we will be able to give you an overview.

After all this was done, we can now say

$ Fatch --Release 

๐Ÿ“ฒ iOS AppStore

๐Ÿค– Android PlayStore

Next up is:

  • Sorting matches by genre and series/movie. So that you can find a humorous movie for a funny evening and a horror series for a scary evening.
  • Many small polishing tasks, so that the app is even better to use and more smoothly.
  • And we are evaluating which streaming provider will be next.

Stay tuned.

{"Status": "Launched, waiting for user"}