Recently I took a look at the Shimmer Library in Flutter for our Fatch app and analyzed if there is a useful integration for it here. Actually, I wanted to improve the UX a bit regarding the loading of the videos and prevent the widgets from jumping down after loading.

There is nothing more annoying than content that is loaded afterwards and the text you have just read jumps uncontrollably vertically 🤮

It turned out during the integration that the standard loading animation is sufficient and the video can be displayed directly.

Positive effect, I was able to simplify the code, keep it lean and didn’t have to integrate a library, which in case of doubt is extra clutter in the app. In addition, the Shimmer Library seems to claim relatively much performance. Too bad about the time invested in the library, but the time will come when I will integrate a Shimmer loading animation. 💪

Stay tuned, soon there will be an app for you to test, which uses one library less than planned, so you need less battery power and memory on your smartphone. Sounds good, doesn’t it?